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In the Dust of the Rabbi

July 10, 2012 — 1 Comment

I love the phrase “in the dust of the Rabbi.” It is so foreign to our 21st century ears, but so important to understand today. It’s where you want to be. And when you see where that is, if you haven’t already, you will want to get there as soon as possible. You will want to live there. In fact, I am going to encourage you to do just that. And what may sound even more extreme—once you are there you will wonder how you ever viewed your Christianity any other way. It is that powerful.

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ONE of the most important elements of a prayer life is our perspective on prayer. In general, the perspective we take toward spiritual things often determines the actions that will come out of us. Our actions flow from the source of personal faith and convictions. A healthy faith and perspective will produce healthy and fruitful results. If faith and convictions on spiritual things are shallow or stagnant, then the fruits of our lives and actions…

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